All bows are custom/bespoke built items, only our hire items are held in stock. Please ask for build and delivery time.

 Postage/Carriage costs: Please see the bottom of the page.


Select white Ash or Sycamore, Yew stain, self nocks. Leather handle wrap and single loop string in natural hessian coloured Dacron B50. Weights to 50lbs at 28". Tillered to 32" These bows are my standard Movie/Film longbow and can be seen in all of the medieval period productions I have worked on. I have made countless numbers of these bows over the past 35 years. Most are still shooting.

PRICED @ : £190.00 each  Please add £20.00 for horn nocks. Plus shipping @ cost.


The go to longbow for the majority of the longbow fraternity who shoot either field or target style archery. A one piece belly of a generic South american box wood, either Lemonwood or a Degame derived species. Backed with select white Ash or premium grade Hickory. Horn nocks as standard, horn arrow pass and leather handle stitched on by hand or quality leather handle wrap. High gloss finish with multiple coats of Copal based varnish or lacquer. Single loop Flemish style string in Dacron B50.  Weights from 35lbs to 70lbs @28". Tillered to 32". Weights above, please contact us. This bow can be stained to resemble a self Yew bow at no extra cost.

PRICED @ : £395.00 each. Plus shipping at cost


A superior shooting longbow with a central core of hard tropical fancy wood, either Purpleheart or similar timbers which improve the cast and speed of the bow and thus the arrow. Built from a belly of generic South American box wood with a profiled central core, bonded with a backing of select white Ash or premium grade Hickory. Fancy Horn nocks as standard, horn arrow pass, a three skein Dacron B50 string and finished in a high gloss hand rubbed finish. Supplied with bow bag as standard. Weights from 45lbs to 70lbs @ 28". Tillered to 32". Weights above please contact us.

PRICED @: £475.00 each. Plus shipping at cost.


One of the shorter style 'Horsebows' that we produce. Used on many film and T.V. projects from Eragon to Snow White and the Huntsman and several other productions. These are built from glass strands set in  a very strong Epoxy resin. they are thermo stable and unlike polyester copies of this style will not de-laminate in the summer months.  They have faux  horn Siyahs (limb tips/ears) and are dressed in a range of quality leathers in various colours, please ask for colour availability. Dacron B50 string in black with served loops at each end. Weights from 30lbs to 45lbs. Perfect for equestrian stunt work. Draw length on these bows is up to 34"

PRICED @: £175.00 plus shipping at cost. 

SMALL HORSEBOW OUTFIT: Leather case, belt, combined arrow case and 6 matching arrows.

PRICED @ : £375.00 each. Plus shipping at cost.

ARROWS: From: £6.50 each for good quality field arrows, prices then rise  to £395.00 for sets of 8  hand made 4 footed presentation Victorian style  target arrows. These are presented in a deluxe wooden green baize lined  hinged box with brass furniture.

SHIPPING TO MAINLAND U.K. POSTCODES. Shipping is at cost. Albion do not make any profit from the shipping of any items. 

One Longbow in a stout card tube costs us £28.00 at current hauliers rates.  We do not charge for the time or the materials , just what the carriers charge us.

Please ask for a quote to other obscure postcodes, Isle of man, Highlands of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Shorter items can be sent much easier as the length determines which size of van/ truck has to call and collect. The Post Office, Royal Mail, and Parcel Force and A: even more expensive and B: Will not always

collect the longer items due to the restrictions on the size of their average postal vans. 

You are more than welcome to collect from Norfolk or arrange your own carrier. 

Updated January 2021

Steve Ralphs
Albion Archery Hire & Retail